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In order to register for a NovaVision account we will require you to provide certain personal information (name, contact information, date of birth and gender), details about your injury and about your disability.

If you would prefer to provide this over the phone to NovaVision Patient Services, please call1.561.558.2000 .

If you are comfortable or prefer to provide this information online, please complete the form below. If at any time you experience difficulty, please call NovaVision Patient Services.

Upon completion of all registration details please click on Complete Registration to submit and complete the registration process.

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Please provide as much detail as possible regarding your specific injury and the effect it has had on your vision.

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Please rate the level of problems you are currently having on the issues listed below:
Activity Not Applicable No Difficulty Occasional Difficulty Some Difficulty Often Difficulty Severe Difficulty
Seeing obstacles
Bumping into obstacles
Losing your way
Finding objects on a table
Finding objects in a room
Finding objects in a supermarket
Crossing the road
Using public transport
Using the computer

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Please select which of the Vision Restoration and NeuroEyeCoach therapies you would like to start with. The sequencing of the two therapies is entirely a matter of personal preference, there is no recommended sequence.

NovaVision Vision Restoration Therapy (VRT)

NovaVision VRT is a therapy designed to restore visual functions in your impaired visual field through repeated, intense light stimulation. Some of your lost vision may be regained. VRT is a six month therapy and it may take up to three months of therapy until you experience first benefits from the therapy’s routine.

NeuroEyeCoach (NEC)

NovaVision NeuroEyeCoach is designed to train you to make effective eye movements and become able to better cope with your daily tasks. NeuroEyeCoach can typically be completed in 2–4 weeks with benefit being experienced within this time frame.

Once you complete registration you will need to carry out a short size test to validate you for NeuroEyeCoach.

VRT requires certain medical information or documentation to be obtained and approved by NovaVision’s clinicians. NovaVision Patient Services will be able to provide more information on these requirements.

Therefore, be aware that you will be able to start NeuroEyeCoach straight away whereas it may take longer before you are able to start VRT.

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Please review all completed registration details and once satisifed click the button below to complete your account registration.